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Hey, EED community!

Feedback on last night's post suggests that probably the way to go is to change the way the daily check-in post is handled by making it a general community responsibility. If you are ready to check-in, but discover there is no check-in post, then you can just create a check-in post yourself for everyone to use. Does that seem OK to everybody?

If you are posting for the first time, or new to the community, please review the community's standards, below.

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Mod Spaz

May. 10th, 2011 11:31 am
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Hello, all!

Sorry about the delay in the check-in post this morning. RL and all.

By the way, I am about to go on a trip, departing Thursday, returning Monday, during which time I will probably have limited or no computer access. Is there anybody out there who would be able to do the check-in posts Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week? That would be awesome!

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Guys! For three days running, we have had 14 members report exercise!

Are we Resolutioneers, as my cousin so scornfully describes the folks who start shoing up at his gym in January? MAYBE! But we are awesome right now, anyway!

How many of us are resolving to daily exercise in the new year? This is such a time for reviewing our lives and setting new goals. I hope this community can be a supportive place and an inspiration to be more than a Resolutioneer as the determination of the holiday season yields to the stresses of daily life.

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So. Anybody not check in yesterday, November 7, because I dated the check-in post NOVEMBER 6? Fixing now.



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