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Morinin,' y'all!

I know I have not managed to do community newsletter thingies. Sorry. RL.

BUT, I wanted to do a quick note to say how excited I am to be seeing so many new faces the last week or so! Welcome, all of you joining us (or delurking)!

We have had 29 people report exercise since September 1, and on a daily basis, we regularly have more than 10 people reporting in!

Lots of people are accomplishing good stuff, too! [personal profile] rydra_wong is up to four dead-hang pullups, [personal profile] willful_zephyr achieved a satisfying Pincha Mayurasana, [personal profile] kuangning has joined us and been enthusiastically back in the (bicycle) saddle again, and [personal profile] nicolakgreen is back from her surfing vacation (and owes us a report!). [personal profile] codyne's half-marathon training continues apace and on schedule. [personal profile] green's accomplishments and determination are inspirational! You kick ass, woman!

Everybody else, GO US! :D

I haven't checked to see how many, if any of us, have managed the September challenge and exercised EVERY day (I didn't. *stomps feet*), but there are a few of us who are darned close. I still think we should pick a day when we ALL try to report in with something. Maybe it can be our October challenge.

Anybody want to suggest good community challenges? Pushups have been popular. We could do a "25 Pushups" challenge - everybody try to build up to doing 25 pushups by the end of 30 days? Requires no equipment... Thoughts?

Thanks for being here with us, moving and breathing and making our bodies nice places to live in! I hope you all have a wonderful Equinox. Let's say goodbye to summer, and look foward to the decline of the year with enthusiasm and energy brought by the cooler weather. And for our friends on the flip side, enjoy spring and rebirth!



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