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There was enough interest in this that I would like a second round of feedback.

Do you think I should set it up like a beta exchange, where interested parties respond to a post with comments, and other parties contact the posters directly. I could set it up as a community members only post. For ficathons, we post our journal names, our contact e-mail, and restrictions and requirements for what we need and what we don't want. Actually, I think that will be the format for sign-ups no matter what.

My question is, would people prefer it to be a public list, where the participants contact one another, in which case, the sign-up comments would be open, or would people prefer that I act as mod and try to assign the best people to each other, in which case the signups would probably be screened comments again.

Actually, I guess there is no reason I couldn't make both options available.

What should be in the sign-up comment, aside from name and contact e-mail?

Also, I'd like to begin stressing that this is the internet, folks. We don't really know each other. One commenter said she'd love to get a text at 5:30am, which actually, I could do, because I get up at 4:15 am every day (nearly). But then the question becomes, is she comfortable giving me her number? Am I comfortable revealing mine? Just remember to be safe. Also, remember the comfort-level of your spouse or significant other! Darned RL relationships! :)

I'm not screening the comments on this discussion, so that people can play off each other's ideas.
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Hey, community!

There have been a handful of people recently looking for ways to be more inspired to exercise when they lose their willpower. It has probably happened to all of us over time. A day off becomes a lost week becomes several weeks in a row until we can hardly remember the last time we exercised.

One of the things we all know helps is "accountability." That's one of the reasons why we're all here, after all. It helps to know that someone else cares how you are doing, and it also helps to feel a little bit guilty about letting that person down.

For some of us, being accountable only to ourselves is enough, and logging in here is a way to substiantiate that accountability.

But is there anyone here who thinks they might like some kind of more personal relationship. Somebody who sends a personal message - "Hey, how's it going? I noticed you didn't log in yesterday?" Someone you can connect with and say, "What should I do today? I am so unmotivated!"

I have no idea what interest there might be in having special relationships like this. Maybe they could be three or four weeks long, so that they can develop benefit, but not be a life-long commitment to someone else's fitness traumas?

Thoughts? Interest? I'm going to screen the comments on this post (assuming I can do that) so that people can feel free to be as frank as they like in responding. Also, if you would like to express interest in possibly participating, you could do that, too.


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